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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:47

Nation of Two

Written by les siemieniuk
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Spirit and Mind (Independent)

Jessee Harvey, a girl musician, joins band in Winnipeg. The band is The Duhks. The band does well and travels the world. Nathanial Good, a boy musician from West Virginia, travels as well. They meet in Florida. They continue to travel but keep in touch. It’s a love story and a musical collaboration—they write songs together about love, especially from a distance. They close the distance and get married in Winnipeg.

This lovely five-song release features some of those songs they wrote in courtship. The story is simple—the instrumentation is simple—just ukulele and guitar and two beautiful voices melding into a spellbinding cohesion.
This is a lovely debut for the duo now known as Nation of Two (taken from a Kurt Vonnegut quote) and the success of a debut is determined by a simple question: do you want to hear more? I want to hear more. Good on you guys for a very auspicious beginning. 

As the song stated in the movie Casablanca 75 years ago: “The world will always welcome lovers / As time goes by.”

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