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Monday, 04 June 2018 12:24

Annie Sumi

Written by les siemieniuk
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In the Unknown (Independent)

Every once in a while in folk music, one hears some curmudgeon musing on the future of said folk music.  But like most things in life, the future is in good hands, the music is getting better and stronger with each generation. So if you’d like to hear the future of contemporary Canadian folk music, take a listen to the sophomore release from Northern Ontario’s Annie Sumi.

Born, as they say, with the gift of a golden voice—and not being afraid to use it—Annie presents 10 lovely tunes in a pleasingly delivered assortment of moods and topics, from walking downtown in the evening in the city to moving away from loved ones to get a job, to reiterating the importance of protecting the Earth.

Annie’s ethereal vocal delivery is augmented by lovely and also ethereal arrangements featuring trumpet, waterphone, and a string quartet where necessary. It’s a lovely little collection of heartfelt songs delivered in the most pleasant of ways.

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