Penguin Eggs

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Canada’s renowned folk festivals overcome numerous challenges on an annual basis. They now face the fallout from a preponderance of diverse competition. Roddy Campbell highlights the problems and the retorts.
Colin Irwin chats with the curator of the legendary Alabama recording studio.
The tightest rhythm section in Celtic music returns with a dynamic new disc—their first record in 14 years.
Winnipeg duo turn biographical and geographical on an album of unflinching protest and folk songs.
A trio of Québec-based traditional musicians revel in one another' exceptional talents.
She skilfully walks the edge of a southern gospel-blues belter, prudent with her vibrato and phrasing.
He has the honour of being the first Canadian singer/songwriter to record political songs, both satirical and serious.
Identical twins refine their sweet, minimalist music that sometimes harkens back to early Appalachian roots.
Four banjo pickers document the lives of black slave women in the American South.
The new record from these longtime friends captures the spirit and energy of their live performances.
Drawing from Cape Breton’s traditional roots, they add a smattering of swashbuckling folk-rock.
Ken Tizzard, Joe Jencks, Ger Wolfe, Ben Savage and Hannah Sanders, and Talisk.
Lavoie & O’Regan + Marchand, et Ken Tizzard.
Roddy Campbell outlines the future of print media in a digital world.
The Record That Changed My Life: Jon Brooks reveres Nick Cave’s The Boatman’s Call.  
...record label maven Peter Chapman.
Penguin Eggs pays tribute to John Starling, Tony Bird, Joe Hall, Leon Rausch, and Chris Albertson.
Jory Nash counts the financial and social cost of being a professional musician.
Cellist creates a compelling soundtrack inspired by Robert Service’s poetry A cello may not be the first thing that leaps to mind when you think of, but with spookily melodious lines such as “There are strange things done in the…
Roddy Campbell takes stock of Folk Alliance International’s latest conference in Montreal...