Penguin Eggs

Sample articles from latest issue

Kora Feder, Eastern Owl, Inn Echo, and Kitty Macfarlane.
Jon Brooks provides his take on the cultural appropriation controversy.
The Record That Changed My Life: Chuck Brodsky salutes Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Vol. II.
Roddy Campbell pays tribute to the remarkable Mitch Podolak.
Adventurer and folk songwriter pays a poignant tribute to Canada’s North on his new live album.
She made a landmark recording–the first LP to feature Helen Creighton’s historic field recordings that included Farewell To Nova Scotia.  
Two prodigies put a contemporary spin on the classic sounds of Ireland’s great Celtic bands from the past.
In English their name means A Rumour is Running In The City and on their third release in 30 olidifies their reputation as musical pioneers.
She spent more time crafting the songs on her latest recording than any other in her long and stop
These Scots celebrate a landmark with a superb double disc.
Rediscovered tapes of the original Americana duo offer a fearless selection of songs.
The traditional sounds of Mali combine with Southern gospel: two cultures, one beat.
Iconic songwriter releases a haunting, masterful second instrumental album.
Virtuoso musician protests the disaster capitalism destroying the U.K. on a new, no-holds-barred disc
The Penguin Eggs Interview: Colin Irwin has a word with the writer of such classic Crosby, Stills & Nash songs as Marrakesh Express, Teach Your Children, Our House.
Her travels stretched from the Arab Emirates to Australia before settling on P.E.I. There, with her boisterous personality and staggering voice—as big and powerful as the social issues she writes about—she developed into one of the country’s leading live folk…
There’s much to enjoy on her second release as folk noir gives way to the natural world. The horns are a surprise. And a treat. Twice on her evocative new album, Getaway, Toronto artist Abigail Lapell is joined by the instruments.…