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Friday, 29 March 2019 12:38

The Brother Brothers

Written by les siemieniuk
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Some People I Know (Independent)

OK, the CDs for review from our esteemed editor have arrived. Top of the pile: not great cover artwork but who cares? What does it sound like? Cute name. Oh, it seems they are twins—Adam and David Moss—hence the cute name. Oh, but what does it sound like?

Well, the first thing you hear is a lovely, haunting voice and quiet guitar:  “Mary Ann / I’m back on my feet again / Call me if you feel like it / I’m around” 

Wow, it goes on. I think, “What a lovely song. Melancholy and gentle.”

Next we hear a banjo and violin together, then two voices come in in perfect harmony: “Why don’t you play the banjo anymore? / Don’t you like the way it feels / When you hit the note you’re looking for? / Why don’t you play the banjo anymore?”

Wow, it continues. I love this  song. As good as the first, if not better…

Then, Song 3: it opens with more tasteful and lovely violin and muffled drums. Then that voice: “Come on now, Frankie, let’s get it right / You know you shouldn’t be drinking so late at night / But I’ve got this candle, you’ve got a light / Let’s stay up ’til morning” 

Wow. You get the picture. They keep coming for a total of 12 songs. The Brother Brothers sing like angels, especially in a terrific song called Red And Gold. They write gentle, melancholy, life-affirming songs that flow. Their sparse arrangements suit the songs but they play well with others when others are called for in some songs.  

All in all, a terrific collection to listen to.

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